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Outdoor Cat and Kitten


Trees and Climbers

Multi-level Outdoor Cat Trees, Cedar Cat Climbers (steps or ramps) and a 5 ft high Outdoor Cat Gym with perches and sleeper platforms. Ideal for patios, catios or back yards.

Cat Enclosures

Outdoor Cat and Kitten Enclosures Constructed of solid Redwood and Galvanized Steel Wire Mesh. Many Great Catio Styles and Sizes to Choose From - Very Easy Assembly!

Feral Cat House

Deluxe cedar Outdoor Feral Cat House with insulation and stand options. Removable industrial-grade vinyl flaps (for openings). Single or double-decker.

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Outdoor Cat and Kitten

Outdoor Redwood Cat and Kitten Enclosures allow your cats and kittens to fully experience the excitement of outdoor life in a safe and secure galvanized steel mesh enclosure. The Large Cat and Kitten Enclosures come with three roomy perches and a full-size entry door so that you can enjoy the fun too! The Economy Cat and Kitten Enclosures include one perch and a full size access door. The large outdoor catios are completely assembled at the factory for perfect fit, and then partially disassembled for shipping. Wire mesh, door, latches and screws are left in place. To assemble, simply set the marked panels next to each other and tighten the screws.

Accessorize your catio, deck or yard with outdoor cedar cat trees, wall climbers and ladders, an outdoor cat gym or a solid construction outdoor single/double decker cat house to protect your feline friends from the elements.  The multi-level cedar cat trees have nicely spaced perches to accommodate cats of most agility levels, are constructed of bug and weather resistant cedar, and sanded to a smooth finish.  Outdoor Cat Jungle Gyms are 5 feet high and designed for the adventurous cat with a total 7 sturdy perches for climbing & sunning.  The cedar Kitty Cabins are available with an insulation option to help keep the cat house warm in winter and cool in summer. Solid 1″ thick rigid foam insulation is covered with extra strong polymer, claw resistant and bug proof screening.


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