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Designer Dog Furniture


Dog Crate Tables

Classic Front and Side Entry Dog Crate End Tables. Solid Oak, Maple and Mahogany. Unique Designs and Finishes. Handcrafted in the USA.

Dog Bed Tables

Hardwood Dog Bed End Tables. Privacy for your dog with styling for family living areas. Constructed of solid red oak or brown maple with a variety of finish colors.

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Designer Dog Furniture

Pet Classics makes shopping for your new hardwood Dog Furniture easy! Sizes are consistent across all models and styles so, once you've determined the appropriate size for your dog, you can focus on the style you'd like without worrying about size differences. Select from our stately Solid Oak or Maple Dog Crates, contemporary Oak and Stainless Steel End Table Dog Crates, the stunning Hardwood and Solid Brass Dog Crate End Tables, stylish Hardwood and Wire Mesh dog crates and Open-Ended Hardwood Dog Bed Tables, each featuring exquisite detailing, finishes and hardware.


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