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ProStep Aluminum Dock Dog Ladder

Dog Stairs for Dock and Boats
Dog Stairs for Dock and Boats
Dog Dock Ladder - AluminumAluminum Doggy LadderSide View Water Dog StepsFront View Water Dog StepsTop Mounting Hinge (10 in Long)Aluminum Dog Water StepsDoggie Dock Steps (in Up Position)Dog Stairs for Dock and Boats

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Weight28.00 lbs.

This quality doggy boat and dock ladder is made in the USA, and is constructed from marine grade aluminum. The dog water stairs help your pet easily and safely exit the water with its three steps arranged to accommodate the natural stride of your dog. Steps are a roomy 25 7/8 wide and the bottom tread is sized with enough depth to give your dog solid footing under the water.

The unique heavy-duty hinge adapter system allows the doggie ladder to pivot up and out of the water while your boat is moving, and quick release pins ensure easy removal. FOR PET USE ONLY please - the aluminum dog boat and dock steps were not designed or configured for human use! All mounting hardware is included. $50 shipping within the continental US.

  • Use for water levels - the distance from mounting (dock or boat) surface to the surface of the water - up to 18"
  • *Oversize shipping rate ($50) applies due to carton dimensions
  • Step Dimensions:
  • 1st step is 5 1/16″ deep (x 25 7/8 wide)
  • 2nd step is 10 1/8″ deep (x 25 7/8 wide)
  • 3rd step 15 3/16″ deep (x 25 7/8 wide)
  • Distance from top of dock to the bottom stair is 31
  • Material: 3/8″ aluminum sides & steps
  • NOTE: Some assembly required (12 bolts to attach steps to the sides)
  • The 2 Rubber Stand-Off Support Bumpers are adjustable
  • Bumpers must rest on surface 16-18″ down from top of dock.
  • 90-day Manufacturers Warranty

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