Pet Classics LLC

Ramps, Steps and More for Dogs and Cats

Pet Classics, LLC offers a complete line of cat and dog ramps, pet steps, and accessories for the comfort and safety of your pet. We take great pride in these unique products that pets and owners love!

Pet Steps and Stairs

Dog Steps and Cat Steps
Cat Stairs and Dog Steps designed for pet comfort. Many indoor and outdoor styles and sizes available

Indoor Pet Ramps

Cat and Dog Ramps for Beds and Sofas
Quality Dog Ramps and Cat Ramps for Beds and Sofas. For small, elderly or disabled pets.

Boat Dock And Pool

Dog Water, Boat and Dock Ramps
Dog Water Ramps and Stairs for Boats, Docks and Pools.

Dog Crate Furniture

Solid Oak Pet Crate End Tables
Beautiful Dog Crate End Tables. Solid Oak, Maple and Mahogany. Made in USA!

Hardwood Pet Gates

Wood Gates
Indoor and Outdoor Solid Hardwood Dog Gates. Quality Construction, Made in the USA

Cats and Kittens

Cat Window Perches, Scratchers and Enclosures
Cat Window Perches, Hardwood Cat Trees, Litter Box Furniture and Outdoor Cat Enclosures

Our extensive variety of true furniture-quality pet ramps and steps are not only for small, elderly or disabled cats and dogs. They are designed to help all pets live longer, healthier lives. Over the years our Pet Classics Rampô has become an overall favorite for helping pets reach their favorite window, bed, or sofa with ease. Since the invention of the Pet Classics Cat and Dog Ramp, we have added many quality products to help owners get their pets almost anywhere - on land or water! And, for special requirements and doggy doors, we also offer custom ramps and steps built to your exact specifications. Browse our customer Notes and Photos and Custom Pet Ramps & Steps for reviews and ideas.

Our highly acclaimed oak and maple Indoor Pet Ramps, hardwood Dog Crate Tables & Crate Covers and Outdoor Cedar Steps are constructed and finished in the USA by skilled Amish woodcrafters. The indoor ramps are carefully finished with high-quality Woodwright finishes and then protected with a lustrous, non-toxic sealer. Quality manufacturing and materials are assured in all products.

The products that we do not manufacture ourselves have been carefully selected and tested and almost all of them are made here in the USA. We'll never offer the most items in any product category - but you can count on us to offer the best!

How Our Cat and Dog Ramp Started ...

Abby the catLike most cats, Abby knew no limits when she was young. But as she approached her "senior" years, the precision jumps became less "precise" though her determination remained stronger than the fear of getting hurt. And so began the process of developing products that would keep her safe and healthy throughout her old age.

First came the Pet Steps. Then, after a couple years, Abby's legs became too weak to tackle the steps and she began showing signs of listlessness and depression. So it was back to the workshop where the Pet Ramps were born.

Within minutes of setting them up, Abby was happily parading up and down her new ramps! Today, we credit these ramps (in combination with proper veterinary care) as the reason Abby was with us for almost 22 years.. They restored her freedom and independence and allowed her to age with the dignity a senior pet deserves.