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Outdoor Dog Ramps for SUVs, cars, trucks, stairs and other outside applications. The Telescoping Dog Ramps are lightweight and portable and easily adjust to different heights; the Folding Dog Ramps are sturdy alumuminum and weather-resistent making them ideal for outdoor steps such as decks or porch landings where the dog ramp will be left outside for extended periods. (For help determining if a Pet Ramp or Pet Steps are right for your pet, please read Pet Steps Or Ramps.)

To select the appropriate ramp, measure the height the dog ramp needs to reach and then consult our guide: Choosing Outdoor Dog Ramps. (NOTE: Height is the most critical dimension when determining ramp length required. Do not guess! It's impossible to generalize from pictures as all vehicles and stair rises are different.)

Dog Ramps for Vehicles and Steps

Short Dog Ramp

One Piece Dog Ramps for heights up to 18". Can be used for passenger cars, small SUV's and steps.
Dog Ramps - Outdoor Aluminum Folding Pet Ramps

Folding Dog Ramps

Folding Aluminum Dog Ramps 6', 7' and 8' long (17-¾″ wide), to reach heights 22″ to 40". For trucks, vans, SUVs, decks and porches. Folds in half. Strong and rigid.
Dog Ramps - Lightweight Telescoping Dog Ramps

Telescoping Ramps

Telescoping Dog Ramps 72″ and 87″ long, to reach heights 22″ to 36". Easy to extend and close, with a high-traction walking surface for sure footing.

All Outdoor Dog Ramps

Short Aluminum Dog Ramp

Dog Ramp for Smaller Steps and Cars

Lightweight aluminum dog ramp for heights to 17". Dog ramp has anti-slip, high traction surface; 17 ¾″ W by 36″ L. Supports up to 250 lbs. Made in the USA.

6 Foot Folding Dog Ramp

Dog Ramp - 6 Ft Folding Aluminum Ramp

Folding aluminum dog ramp for heights to 31". Supports 250 lbs; great for SUV's, smaller size trucks, decks and porches with 2 or 3 steps.

7 Foot Folding Dog Ramp

Extra Wide Folding Aluminum Dog Ramps

7' Folding Aluminum Dog Ramp for heights to 36". Made in the USA, our folding aluminum dog ramps are 17-¾″ wide and support dogs up to 250 lbs.

8 Foot Folding Dog Ramp

Folding Aluminum Dog Ramp (Ramp Pictured is 7 ft.)

Extra Long 8' Folding Aluminum Dog Ramp for heights to 43". Great for larger Trucks, Pickups and RV's. 17-¾″ Wide, for dogs up to 250 lbs.

Telescoping 72" Dog Ramp

Dog Ramps - 6 Ft Telescoping

Dog ramp extends to 72", for heights up to 31". For autos, vans, doggy doors and porch steps.

Extra Wide 87" Telescoping Dog Ramp

Extra Wide Dog Ramps - Telescope to 87in Long

Extra long, Extra Wide Dog ramp extends to 87". Great for autos, vans, trucks and porch steps - heights up to 39".

Other Pet Classics Products:

Pet Loader 5 Step- Folding Dog Stairs

Folding Dog Stairs - 5 Step Pet Loader

Pet Loader 5 Step folding stairs for SUVs, trucks, trailers and vans with heights ranging from 29″ to 40".

Pet Loader 4 Step- Folding Dog Stairs

Folding Dog Steps - Pet Loader 4 Step

Pet Loader folding 4 Step for SUVs, trucks, trailers with heights ranging from 21″ to 30".

Wood End Table Dog Crate Covers

Wooden Cover for Wire Crates

Solid Wood Dog Crate Table Cover for Wire Mesh Dog Crates. Customized to Fit Any Wire Mesh Crate Dimensions. Made in USA

Dog-On Boat and Dock Ramp

Perfect Dog Ramp for Boats, Docks and Pools

Dog-On Floating Dog Water Ramp. Ideal for Boats, Docks and Pools. Inflatable, floating water ramp for dogs of ALL sizes!