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Dog-On Boat and Dock Ramp

Perfect Dog Ramp for Boats, Docks and Pools
Perfect Dog Ramp for Boats, Docks and Pools
Dog Boat, Dock Pool RampDogs LOVE the Dog-On RampFloating Dog Ramp for PoolsDog-On Dog Boat Ramp - Ideal for Boats!Inflatable Dog Ramp for Boats, Pools and DocksDog Water Ramp for  Boats Docks PoolsDog Boat Ramp for Pontoon BoatsVintage Camo Dog-On Water RampLime Green Dog Water RampPerfect Dog Ramp for Boats, Docks and Pools

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Weight18.00 lbs.

The inflatable Dog-On Water Ramp is lightweight, easy to handle and perfect for almost any boat, dock, swimming pool or property bulkhead. Unlike other floating dog boat and dock ramps, the floating Dog-On Water Ramp works equally well for dogs of every size (tested up to 215 lbs)! No additional floats, extensions, accessories or adjustments required.

The Dog-On Ramp is a truly versatile dog dock, swimming pool and dog boat ramp! Ideal for floating docks and pools and a hands down favorite of pontoon and other sport and party boat owners. The Dog-On Dog Boat Ramps can be easily transported and used almost anywhere your dog needs easy entry/exit from water. The Deck Traction Mat adds to your dog's safety and ease of use.

The Dog-On floating dock, boat & pool ramp is easy to inflate and constructed of durable, long lasting materials. To use, simply float the ramp and tie the platform to any convenient tie-down spot (cleats, rail, ladder, etc.). Dogs and their owners absolutely LOVE this dog ramp! $40 shipping in the contiguous US. Made in the USA. (Patented by Bear Brained Ideas Inc.)

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  • One size for all dog sizes and weights! No adjustments, extensions or additional buoys required.
  • Dogs naturally swim with their heads above the waterline which can make other water ramps and ladders difficult for dogs to locate. With most of the device extending below the waterline, it is essentially out of their sight. Conversely, The Dog-On Water Ramp is EASY for dogs to see! The Dog-On Water Ramps have colorful floating pontoon style arms that can be spotted on TOP of the water while your dog is swimming and playing. This important feature allows you to move it to different locations - when travelling on your boat or visiting friends with your pup - without additional training or confusion.
  • DIMENSIONS / WEIGHT: Inflated: 34 ½″ wide 63″ long. Deflated: 34 ½″ wide, 21″ long, 8″ deep. 18 pounds.
  • DECK/DOCK: 34″ wide by 21"deep, custom molded UV-resistant, plastic resin deck. Holes along the back edge for easy attachment to almost any structure. Surface is textured, has ridges to help provide traction and through-holes for water drainage.
  • EXTERNAL TUBE FABRIC: Heavy-duty 18oz. PVC coated polyester outer tubes, same as used on inflatable boats for its durability, abrasion resistance and UV tolerance.
  • INTERNAL BLADDER AND VALVE: 100% polyurethane. Seams are RF welded. Inflatable boat valves are very reliable and easy to inflate and rapidly deflate. A standard tire valve and short length of clear tubing adapters are provided with the filler valve to easily inflate the tubes.
  • DOG RAMP: Extremely tough 18oz. polyester mesh fabric which is then vinyl coated. It submerges readily and allows water to easily drain through and provides fantastic paw traction.
  • DOCK STRAPS AND BUCKLES: 1″ Nylon strapping for attaching the deck to the flotation tubes. Tough Nexus ladder-locks buckles..
  • MAINTENANCE: Take out of the water between uses and hose or wash to remove residual salt water, algae and chemicals. If left in the water for extended periods and prolonged contact with high levels of salt water and chemicals effects any component, spare parts are available.
  • RETURNS: Please CONTACT US for return instructions. Return unused within 30 days of the delivery date for full refund (minus shipping cost). All other returns are subject to a 15% manufacturer's restocking fee.
  • MADE IN THE USA - For Dog Use Only - 1 Yr Manufacturers Warranty
  • "The Dog-On Water Ramp″ is Patented (US Patent No. 6,722,307) to Bear Brained Ideas

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