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About Us

Pet Classics provides quality custom furniture and accessories for elderly, small/miniature, and disabled pets. We carry a specialized product line to help your pet safely maintain their independence in spite of age, size or physical limitation. Please remember, however, that any sign of weakness or disability in your pet should be investigated by your veterinarian. Our products are intended to supplement, and not replace, appropriate veterinary care.

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How Pet Classics Began

AbbyLike most cats, Abby knew no limits when she was young. But approaching her "senior" years, the precision jumps started becoming less "precise" though her determination remained stronger than the fear of getting hurt. And so began the process of developing products that would keep her safe & healthy throughout her old age.

First came the Pet Steps. Then after a period of time, when her legs became arthritic and too weak to tackle the steps, she began showing signs of listlessness & depression. So it was back to the workshop where the Pet Ramps were born. Within minutes of setting them up, Abby was happily and easily parading up & down her new sofa and bed ramps! Today, we credit these steps and ramps (in combination with proper veterinary care) as the reason Abby was with us for almost 22 years.. They restored her freedom and independence and allowed her to age with the dignity a senior pet deserves.

As we received more and more requests to build dog ramps, cat ramps and steps ~ Pet Classics was born. Our company is Abby's legacy and a testament to the true tenacity and spirit of beloved pets everywhere!

In 2004, Pet Classics adopted Abby's sister - Katrina (aka @KatyKat_Too). Although Katy is young and agile, she loves the pet ramps! When she was tiny, they helped her reach the bed and even now that she's full-grown she continues to use a low platform ramp to get up & down from her staff purrson's bed at night. She was a rescued feral kitten so she's very skittish about jumping up directly to the bed unless she has a chance to scope it out first (which she can do from the low ramp's platform). Using her ramp has helped to build trust & confidence as well as accelerate the socialization process so critical to her healthy kitten development.

Special Orders or Ideas...

We encourage you to contact us regarding special orders or ideas for new products. We would be happy to entertain your ideas. Need a special size? Contact us with your dimensions and we will be happy to provide a custom step/ramp quote.

Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate your business and hope you enjoy your visit! To contact Pet Classics, please click on Customer Service.