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Wall Mounted Cat Stairs

Wall mounted cat climbing stairs.
Wall mounted cat climbing stairs.
Standard shelf with cat stairsWall climbing stairs and shelves for cats look good from below and aboveCat Stairs Shown with 2 wall mounted shelvesWall mounted cat climbing stairs.

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Our wall mounted cat climbing stairs fun way for cats to climb up to their favorite places or use with our matching wall shelves. Made with all solid ¾″ oak or maple hardwood, they are not only classically furniture grade beautiful but also exceptional strong.

Steps are 6″ deep by 6″ high, and 7 ¼″ wide, plenty or room to easily climb. Screws and dry wall anchors are provided to attach into studs, wood or plaster walls. The screws holes on the stairs are recessed and covered with matching wood buttons.

Available Double Stair or Triple Stair styles, and choice of either going up left or up right orientation.

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  • Step Size (from the side looking up the run): 7 ½″ wide x 6″ deep x 6″ rise
  • Double Climbing Stairs
  • Overall: 8″ deep x 13 ¾″ wide x 10 ¾″ high
  • Shipping within 48 contiguous US states $31
  • Triple Climbing Stairs
  • Overall: 8″ deep x 19 ¾″ wide x 16 ¾″ high
  • Shipping within 48 contiguous US states $41
  • View Larger Chips: Stain and Wood Finish Options

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