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Hidy Tidy Tall Litter Box Cabinet

Tall Litter Box Furniture Cabinet
Tall Litter Box Furniture Cabinet
Litter Box Furniture - Solid Pine ConstructionLitter Pan Below - Storage Cabinet AboveNo Bending to Clean Litter Pan - Litter Storage BelowLitter Box on Top Configuration - Easy Access ShelfOptional Stairs for Litter Box CabinetTall Litter Box Furniture Cabinet

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Configure this Tall Hidy-Tidy Litter Box Cabinet to suit your individual taste or decor. With the litter pan in the bottom cabinet, you have a choice of 6-inch or 12-inch high litter pans with a full cabinet on top for extra storage space.

Or for easy cleaning without bending, configure your Hidy-Tidy cabinet with the (6-inch high) litter pan on top conveniently positioned so you do not have to bend over to clean it. With top pan configurations, an oversized shelf is included for installation on either side of the cabinet to provide your cat easy access to the higher litter box. And the bottom cabinet provides plenty of space for litter and other accessories.

The stylish litter box cabinet is made with solid pine and is waterproofed inside and out; all Hidy-Tidy litter box cabinet enclosures are delivered fully assembled so that every joint can be caulked with 50-yr silicone during assembly to ensure a moisture proof seal and facilitate easy cleaning.

Hidy-Tidy Litter Pan Cabinets have a patented, moisture-proof, wooden ledge around the pan's edge to keep litter inside, thus ending the problem of litter being pulled outside the box and tracked everywhere! The front portion of the ledge keeps litter from spilling inside the cabinet or falling outside the entry doors. The Hidy-Tidy Litter Box Cabinets have two openings so that even cats who tend to be 'cover shy' will never feel trapped. These openings also help aerate the cabinet allowing a constant flow of fresh air. For waste removal, there is even a built in bag holder for handy use with the included scoop.

Your litter pan cabinet will arrive complete with the appropriate size litter pan; and a stainless steel scoop and Zeolite deodorizer accessories which conveniently hang inside the doors. [Replacement Sterlite pans are availabe at many local department stores.] Optional steps are available for seniors.

F1 Style - Bottom 6″ high pan Suited for large or multiple cat families. Dual openings are 11″ from floor.

F1T Style - Bottom 12″ high pan Designed for very large cats or cats that spray or stand up to pee. Also ideally suited for cats that like to scratch liter! Dual openings are 16 ½″ from floor. Normal, active cats have no problem getting into this pan.

F1BB Style - Top 6″ high pan The oversized outside shelf can be installed below the right or left opening. (Optional steps listed here are not for this 'top pan' cabinet. For step for this style, see our capeted steps.)

Sorry. Out Of Stock
  • F1 Style - Bottom Pan:
  • Cabinet Size: 52″ H x 29″ W x 18″ D
  • 6″ High Sterilite plastic pan 23″ W x 16″ D, 28 qt.
  • $185 shipping in contiguous US
  • F1T Style - Bottom Pan:
  • Cabinet Size: 54″ H x 29″ W x 18″ D
  • 12″ High Sterilite plastic pan 23″ W x 16″ D, 56 qt.
  • $185 shipping in contiguous US
  • F1BB Style - Top Pan:
  • Cabinet Size: 52″ H x 29″ W x 18″ D
  • 6″ High Sterilite plastic pan 23″ W x 16″ D, 28 qt.
  • $185 shipping in contiguous US.
  • ----------------------------------------------
  • F style cabinets ship in 2 boxes, each box has an assmbled top and bottom cabinet.
  • These are "Special Order″ cabinets, please allow 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Once ordered, "Special Order″ cabinets can not be cancelled.

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