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Outdoor Kitty Cabin

Outdoor Cat House Shelter
Outdoor Cat House Shelter
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Outdoor Kitty Cabins are perfect for protecting cats from direct sun or inclement weather. They also make a comfortable hideaway when used with one of our Outdoor Cat Enclosures. Made with solid ¾″ thick weather and bug resistant cedar, the inside is a roomy 18 ½″ wide by 15″ deep with a side window for light and visibility. A custom pin and hook system keeps cover securely attached yet allows easy removal (by humans) for cleaning.

For weather protection, the door and window have industrial grade vinyl flaps which can be removed (and re-installed with a screw driver if desired). A raised threshold will help keep heating/cooling pads or bedding dry. Made in the USA, your cat house arrives almost fully assembled. Attach one bracket with a screwdriver, hook on the roof and you're done!

Add the insulation option to help keep the cat house warm in winter and cool in summer. Solid 1″ thick rigid foam insulation is covered with extra strong polymer, claw resistant and bug proof screening. Insulation is attached to all four sides and under both the roof and floor.

The Double-Decker Kitty Cabin adds more space and is ideal for multiple cats. Optional 12″ High Standard and Extra Wide Stands have cedar sides and pressure treated legs.

Choose Size:

Optional 12 in High Stands:

  • Inside house: 18 ½″ wide, 15″ deep, 16 ½″ high front, 12″ high back (12 ½″ high Double Deck 1st level)
  • Outside house: 20″ wide, 16 ½″ deep
  • Door: 8″ high by 6 ½"
  • Window: 5 ½″ by 5"
  • Platform: 22″ wide, 23″ deep
  • Front Deck: 22″ wide, 6 ½″ deep
  • Overall: 22″ wide, 23″ deep, 20 ½″ high front, 14 ¼″ high back (Double Deck 33″ high front, 27″ high back)
  • Weather and bug resistant cedar is sanded to a smooth surface and shipped unfinished. Left untouched, it will weather to a light gray patina or can be sealed, painted or stained as desired.

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