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Full size and high Cat Enclosure
Full size and high Cat Enclosure
Cat Enclosure side viewCat Enclosure Rooem Door openFull size cat enclosure doorGate latch closeup3 cat enclosure setup examplesBracket adjustable 3/4 to 2 3/4 space from wallFull size and high Cat Enclosure

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Attractive hardwood indoor cat gate enclosure. The tall 77″ panels will contain most cats (or dogs) keeping pets apart and/or out of restricted areas.

The front/main panel is available in 2 widths (5' or 7'-4") with a 28″ wide door with dual action hinges (door can swing in and out). One (left or right) 30″ wide side panel is included and additional 30″ panels can be added as desired.

Available in solid oak or maple hardwood with a choice of finish options. The pet gate / enclosure panel and door slats are ¾″ sqaure and spaced 2″ apart. The panels are connected via a header and footer board on top and bottom of the panels. [Enclosure pictured is an 7'-4″ (88") wide front panel with a 30″ wide right side panel.]

Choose Front Wall Width:

Choose configuraion:

Optional Add On Panel: Additional 30" x 77" Panel $198

Choose Finish:

  • Front Door Panels:
  • 60″ (5') wide x 77″ high
  • 88″ (7' 4") wide x 77″ high
  • Door Opening: 28″ wide x 75 ½″ high
  • Side Wall: 30″ wide x 77″ high
  • Additional Panels: 30″ wide x 77″ high
  • Please indicate in "Comment″ section in the shopping cart where additional panel will be located; front or which side.
  • Shipping: Within 48 contiguous US states:
  • 5' with 1 or 2 sides $99;
  • 7' 4″ with 1 or 2 sides $109;
  • 30″ additional panels $44
  • Each panel section breaks down in middle allowing for standard ground shipping. A screw driver (powered recommended) is required for reassembly.
  • Must be attached to walls, not designed to be free standing. It is very important that these enclosures are attached to a wall with brackets. they cannot be free standing as they may tip. Brackets and mounting plates are provided to attach the ends of the panels to walls with screws. These should work with many setups and rooms, however special mounting may be needed depending on the type of wall and other obstacles. The end user may have to do some modifications and acquire other fasteners and mounting hardware.

Small Outdoor Cat and Kitten Enclosures

Outdoor Cat Enclosures - Outdoor Kitten Enclosures

Small Redwood Outdoor Cat or Kitten Enclosures. Same Great Quality as the Popular Large Cat / Kitten Enclosures but Smaller Sizes AND Prices! Made in USA

Large Outdoor Cat Enclosure

Outdoor Cat Enclosure - Large

Large Outdoor Cat Enclosure Kit Constructed of Solid Redwood and Galvanized Steel Wire Mesh with 2 inch x 3 inch Openings. Made in USA

Large Outdoor Kitten Enclosure

Outdoor Kitten Enclosure - Large (shown with cat mesh, kitten mesh has smaller 1 in x 1 in holes)

Large Outdoor Kitten Enclosure Made of Solid Redwood and Galvanized Steel Wire Mesh. Smaller, kitten-safe, 1 inch x 1 inch mesh openings. Made in USA

Outdoor Cat Enclosure Extra Large 8 foot Wide

Redwood Outdoor Cat Enclosure

Extra Large 8″ wide Outdoor Cat and Kitten Enclosure Made of Solid Redwood and Galvanized Steel Wire Mesh. Made in USA

Cat and Kitten Enclosure Accessories

Accessories for Cat Enclosures and Kitten Enclosures

Roomy Perches and UV-Protective Sun Shades to Accessorize the Cat and Kitten Enclosures

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