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5-Step Carpeted Pet Steps

Dog Stairs and Cat Stairs - Pet Steps for Tall Beds (Natural)
Dog Stairs and Cat Stairs - Pet Steps for Tall Beds (Natural)
Actual Colors May be Slightly Lighter or Darker than SwatchesDog Stairs and Cat Stairs - Pet Steps for Tall Beds (Natural)

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Weight60.00 lbs.

Fully carpeted pet steps for dogs and cats. Five-Step pet stairs are 32½″ tall for tallest beds and window sills up to 39″ high. Each step is 6½″ high by an extra wide 18½″ and 10-11″ deep. These attractive cat and dog steps are very firm and stable, not bouncy or spongy like cheap plastic or foam. The strong plywood internal construction holds up to 300 lbs. The optional protective non-skid pad is recommended for hardwood floors or other smooth surfaces. Plush carpeting for extra pet grip.

Due to dimensional shipping constraints, the five step pet stairs must be shipped in two pieces/boxes. Minimal assembly required. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. Made in the USA. Please contact us for shipping rates outside the continental US.

Please choose a carpet color:

Optional Non Skid Pad for hardwood and tile floors +$20.00

  • PLEASE NOTE: To avoid additional $65 FedEx handling charge, the 2nd step from bottom on a 5-step has a slightly narrower tread (front to back) Instead of being 10.5 - 11″ deep, the bottom tread is 1¼″ less (9.25 - 9.75″ deep).
  • Solid plywood structure is super strong - able to hold up to 300 pounds.
  • Pet Steps are fully carpeted on all sides except for (solid) bottom.
  • Optional non-slip bottom protects tile, linoleum and hardwood floors; and prevents the pet steps from sliding on the smooth surfaces.
  • Sized especially for pets. Our pet steps are a little shorter and a bit deeper than standard people stairs for comfortable use by small and/or elderly cats and dogs.
  • Dog and Cat Stairs are covered with attractive, high quality, residential grade carpet; no short weaves, loops or commercial indoor/outdoor coverings.
  • These pet steps are NOT cloth covered foam and have no plastic pieces.
  • NOTE: Swatches are Guidelines! Actual Color May be Lighter or Darker than Swatch Shown due to monitor type/settings or carpet mill production variance.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Note: Shipping cost is calculated using actual FedEx Ground/Home Delivery rates based on carton size, origination and destination points.

Carpeted Pet Step - Single Step

Pet Steps for Sofas and Chairs

Give your cat or dog a lift to their favorite chair, sofa or sill. 9″ high. Our Pet Stairs are Extra wide (18-½") and Deep (14-½"); and the pet steps are great for cat-napping too!

2-Step Carpeted Pet Steps

Cat Steps - Dog Steps - Light Speckled Sand

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2-Step Large Dog Stairs

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3-Step Carpeted Pet Steps

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3-Step Large Dog Stairs

Large Dog Steps for Beds - Natural

Designed especially for large breed dogs. The Large Breed 3-Step Dog Stairs are 26″ high, perfect for beds up to 32″ high. Slightly taller step rise with deep, roomy stair treads.

4-Step Carpeted Pet Steps

Carpeted Pet Steps for Beds - Natural

The 4-step pet stairs for dogs and cats are 26″ high - for reaching heights up to 32.5″ high. Ideal for most taller beds and window sills.

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